Case study: Langwith Brewing Company brand identity

We work with a range of businesses, big and small, and one of the local firms we’ve been supporting with our expertise is Langwith Brewing Company. This microbrewery delivers fine craft ales across the East Midlands with a range of signature, core, and limited edition real ales, as well as brewery tours, brew days, practical brewing courses, and a fully licensed bar for customers to have a drink in.

Langwith Pump-Clips

Seeking to showcase their brand identity across multiple mediums in a way that would catch the eye of potential customers, they sought our help. The results we’ve achieved have been exactly what the team at Langwith Brewing Company wanted and it’s been a fun project to work on.

Why did they choose Judson Signs?

Langwith Brewing Company chose to partner with us after they received a recommendation from a company in their neighbouring unit – another of our satisfied customers. It was the start of a great working relationship and we even volunteered our beer tasting services, which they used to great effect.

What was the project?

The core project aim for Langwith Brewing Company was to achieve brand continuity across all of their products and content. Our experience combined with their initial ideas and subsequent discussions led to a diverse project with multiple different elements.

The brand already had a logo but needed this to be further developed so there was a distinct identity across a range of mediums, from print adverts to branded vehicles. Initially starting with vehicle branding, the project expanded as the need arose.

In the end, the project included:

  • Vehicle livery
  • Pop-up banners
  • Magazine adverts
  • Bottle labels
  • Can designs
  • Beep pump clips
  • Etch glass effect windows
  • Vinyl text and logos to Pedro – the mobile caravan bar

How did Judson Signs help?

We created a tailored approach to deliver on Langwith Brewing Company’s expectations. We used our standard sign application skills and Luke’s illustrator skills for the high-quality magazine adverts and labels. There were also numerous other elements, including self-adhesive vinyl text, logos, digitally printed laminated logos, and direct print to plastic for the bold pump clips.

Most of the work was created in our professional workspace, utilising our industry standard equipment. We also worked on the Langwith Brewing Company’s premises for the etch glass effect to windows.

What were the challenges?

This project involved stepping away from our usual catalogue of products and services to incorporate specialist products and printers for the labelling. Seeking our expert advice, we were able to source exactly what was needed to maintain our high standards.

What was the outcome of the project?

On completion of this project, we were incredibly proud of the outcome. We feel we helped a local company to maintain a good corporate identity and continuation of brand through producing several different substrates. Langwith Brewing Company were also pleased with the results – kindly inviting us to their official opening to celebrate the success of the brand.

Langwith Bottles (3) smaller

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