Is your shopfront giving customers the right signs?

People will often select a leisure venue for one of two reasons: they are looking for something new and exciting or somewhere familiar and dependable. When walking down a high street, presentation is always going to be a crucial factor in this decision making process, particularly the design of the shopfront and signage.

How is shop front changing?

If you’re like my dad and you’re looking for a quiet pint of real ale and a bit of a natter with the locals after work, then a traditional pub is likely to be your destination. It is hard to imagine my dad heading to the same place if that time-honoured, hand-painted, wooden sign were replaced by flashing neon lettering.

Research from the International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management suggests that traditional bars and public houses tend to be more popular in the UK but, with a growing number of themed bars and restaurants, this market dominance is weakening.

The study suggests that branding and image are becoming increasingly important in this shifting industry, so how can you make your business standout on the highly-competitive high street?

How to make your shop front stand out

The secret is coming up with an exciting concept and having an eye-catching exterior to bring people into the world you create.

Recently, our team at Judson Signs produced a range of dynamic signs for the newly-opened Industria bar in Mansfield town centre. Much in line with the town’s history, the bar was to be given an industrial theme, complete with rusted fascia, exposed brick interior walls and a bar that looks like a machine reclaimed from an old factory.

We produced stainless steel text for the exterior signage, giving a sharp, clean embellishment to the rust-look shop front and helping the bar achieve its brand identity, something customers are unlikely to miss.

We also fabricated an indoor sign. This is comprised of a deep-set steel casing – in the shape of the word ‘BAR’ – to house large, dimmable bulbs, giving the bar’s interior a sense of Broadway glamour, amidst a decadent industrial dystopia.

The benefits of shop front signage

One of the main benefits of having signage for your store front, is the simple fact that you’ll naturally gain more attention from your customers, especially if your shop front signage is decorative and in a style that really translates what your business is about.

It also goes without saying that your logo is one of your businesses strongest marketing tools. If customers can connect and resonate with your branding, the better chance you have of engaging them into your store.

A strong brand identity will naturally play a part in the exterior and interior of your retail stores. You could even take your store signage one step further and apply it to company vehicles, who doesn’t want a little extra brand awareness? Vehicle wraps and graphics are perfect for promoting your brand far and wide, but it also lets you remind people of your business, where you’re location and how to get in touch or interact with you online.

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At Judson Signs, we pride ourselves on producing signs for a whole plethora of functions and themes, but the key is always to make a building, room or a company, stand out from its surrounding and from the competition. If you want your venue to stand out, talk to us about creating this same sense of excitement in your customers.