7 creative uses for vinyl lettering

Vinyl letters generally conjure up images of cheap looking shop signs that are entirely unattractive to customers but there are some clever and creative uses that might just change your mind for good. There is no right or wrong way to use vinyl letters of course, it’s about using them in a way that is surprising to you, your staff and most importantly your customers.

These are seven of the most ingenious ways we’ve seen vinyl lettering used to further a brand’s identity.

1. Way Finders

Visiting a new office can be tricky to navigate, that’s why so many businesses use internal signage to direct staff and clients around the building. Using small plastic signs fitted to the wall is the most common way of doing this. Using big vinyl letters makes a much more attractive way finder that is also easily visible to anyone unfamiliar with the office. Creating big bold graphics that direct people around your office also shows your business is direct and straight to the point.

2. Reception Graphics

Having a large vinyl display in your reception will immediately tell any visitors everything they need to know about your business. You could have a large logo with some history of the company or information on what you do. You could be creative and have an infographic or use icons for something more abstract. Make it an interesting display that will really engage anyone waiting for a meeting to get things off on the right note.

3. Board Rooms

Your boardroom is an important room, it is where you meet new clients and where you may have staff meetings. Using vinyl lettering here can highlight your core messages and reinforce what you are saying in these meetings. A single feature wall makes a compelling focal point without distracting from the purpose of the space.

4. Offices

Decorating the office walls is usually just a question of colour but using vinyl lettering can create a fun space that not only makes workers happier it would also motivate them to work harder. Large motivational messages similar to the popular Instagram quote style could create a fun work environment. Accolades and quotes might reflect company philosophy or favourite song lyrics could hint at a great team atmosphere.

5. Canteens

If your staff café is a hub of long lines with everyone craning to see the menu, replace old style displays with modern vinyl. Use large vinyl letters to highlight the menu or popular treats.

6. Surrounds

A lot of offices and businesses regularly display posters and signup sheets, often these are placed loosely on a display board which is unappealing and doesn’t grab staff or customer’s attention. You could create surrounds to these displays with vinyl lettering, using them to reflect the general theme of the posters you put up or to make the area where you hang posters clearer.

7. Window Graphics

Using vinyl in windows to attract customers is common but it can be done in a way that adds value and visual interest. The easy to change nature of vinyl lettering means you can use them for special offers or seasonal showcases. If you don’t have regular special offers to shout about then you could use vinyl lettering to convey other core brand messages to passers-by and still regularly change displays in order to keep them interesting.

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