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Aluminium Signs and Lettering for Business

Aluminium signage can be a versatile way to showcase your business. Aluminium signs can come in varying colours, styles and size so you can get exactly what you want.

From aluminium lettering to large outdoor displays, there’s a never-ending number of styles that you can apply to your business. Aluminium signs can be used both indoors and outdoors for lots of different applications.

Some aluminium signage will require planning permission if it’s above a certain size, so making sure that your aluminium business sign is within your local requirements could save you from having to remove your sign.

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Why use aluminium signage in your business?

Aluminium is a sturdy and reliable way for businesses to promote themselves on a busy high street or even direct people around their building. Aluminium signage can come in a wide range of finishes like bushed aluminium and printed aluminium so you can get the exact look you want.

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Brushed aluminium

Brushed aluminium is a stylish way to show off your company logo. We can digitally print your logo and branding on to our signs and the grained texture is visible through the printing. If you want your logo to be more eye-catching, we can print it over white.

Reflective outdoor aluminium signs

Our outdoor aluminium signs can help guide visitors or even show off your branding on a composite panel. Our signs are made with high quality aluminium to make sure they hold up well against the unpredictable British weather. We can even make it reflective so visitors can see where they need to go at night.


Dibond aluminium signs

Dibond aluminium signs are a popular choice for businesses due to their durable yet lightweight qualities. Dibond aluminium signs can be made in a large range of shapes and sizes so you can create a fully custom sign that fits your exact requirements.

Dibond signs can be used as both internal signage and outdoor signage and are fully rust and waterproof so you know that it will stay looking fresh for a long time.

Aluminium lettering

Aluminium lettering can be a simple but impressive way to introduce people to your business. Having your business name or lettered logo in brushed aluminium looks great and also notifies visitors that they’re in the right place.

There’s more you can add to your aluminium lettering, like lighting. Making your aluminium letters into backlit signs add another way for your business to get noticed.

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Indoor signage

Using aluminium signage indoors can be a stylish way to welcome people into your business, direct them to certain areas of the building and more.

Internal aluminium signage is versatile and can come in many different styles, especially those used for door signage. Aluminium door signage can be customised to include your choice of font, colours shapes and styles so you can get the exact look you want!

Industrial signage

Aluminium signs are perfect for any industrial building. Our aluminium signs are hardwearing and built to last that’s why they’re chosen by many industrial businesses.

We can make industrial safety signs customized to your businesses dangers or warnings to comply with health and safety standards.

Directional signage

If you have a large office, there’s potential for visitors to get lost. Directional signage can help your visitors find exactly where they need to go. We can create custom aluminium directional signs that are applied to walls, hanging from ceilings, door signs and even post and panel signs for outdoor use.

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