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Post and Panel Signs for Business

Post and panel signage is a modern, popular option to ensure your message is seen. They’re usually the first thing visitors see when they enter your premises. Post signs from Judson Signs are designed to make an impact. Our bright and colourful branded signs sit proudly at your entrance and can be a great way to show your visitors where to go.

Post and panel signage is a versatile signage option, usually positioned at the entrance of your building or driveway to welcome people and direct them to car parks or different buildings on campus. Where a wall-mounted sign would be difficult to view, post signs are a useful alternative.
Post signs and sign boards are extremely effective for a number of purposes. Whether for advertising, identification of premises, directional purposes, goods inward or parking and traffic instruction, outdoor signs are an ideal solution.

As with all of our signs, post signs come with a wide range of variables, depending on the application and any design elements that you have in mind. Post and panel signs can be designed and manufactured as powder coated signs, aluminium signs or stainless steel signs, to name a few options. This weatherproof signage option can also be installed as an illuminated sign. Illuminated post signs may be lit with the use of trough lights or via ground fixed spotlights. Post signs can be almost any shape, size and colour that you can imagine so the opportunities to turn heads with your signage are limitless.

Always happy to advise, we offer a full service, from a free initial site visit and quotation, through to the design and installation of your post signs. We’ll even dispose of any redundant signage for you if you need us to, free of charge. As Mansfield’s leading signage company, we put over 30 years experience and industry knowledge into each and every sign we design, manufacture and install.

Aluminium Signs

Aluminium post and panel signs can be customised to any shape, size or colour to suit your business branding. Aluminium signs last a long time as they hold up well against the harsh British weather.

If you’re looking for an eye catching welcome sign to introduce visitors to your business, aluminium post and panel signs can be made with any branded graphics, colours and shapes you would like.

School and College Signs

Many schools and colleges use post and panel signs at the entrance of their campus to help visitors, parents and students to find their way around. Most schools and colleges decide to show off their school pride and customise their post and panel signs with their school emblem and colours.

Directional Signs

Directional post and panel signs are quite common a they can clearly show visitors how to get to car parks and receptions.

Many directional signs are placed in multiple points on larger campuses like hospitals to show people to a specific building and its designated parking area.

Illuminated Signage

Many businesses work late in to the night, leaving their post and panel signage redundant if its not seen in the dark. Illuminating your signs with incorporated lighting or external illumination can make sure all passers by know where you are.

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Adding a post and panel sign can be a great way to make a statement with your entrance signage. Whether your sign is made from acrylic, aluminium or wood, post and panel signs can be a great way to show visitors what your all about just by the design or colour of your sign.

If you’re interested in implementing post and panel signage for your business or you would like to learn more about how it can help, please contact our team today.

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