8 tips to the perfect shop sign

As a professional signage company based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, we often get asked how do you make a good store sign? So here’s a list of 8 tips to help you get the most from your new shop sign and attract the right clientele.

Give your sign personality

Your shopfront sign is there to inform and entice passers-by in to your shop, so give it some personality. Your shop probably has plenty of personality, in the way it is decorated and laid out, so make sure your shop sign reflects that personality or your brand. Think about what impression you want to make. Is it a fun shop, or is it professional premises? either way make sure your sign reflects and gives potential visitors an idea of what to expect inside.

Remember: Good retail signage tells people who you are and what you do in a way that is in line with your brand.

Less is more

WakefieldsBe short and succinct on your shop signage design. Make sure you don’t waffle. Think about what key message you need to get across and we mean message not messages. Once you have the specific benefit that will attracts potential customers, then distil it down to a simple succinct message that will make them want to enter your premises.

Be short and to the point, but remember you can still be funny or quirky, if that is your brand.


Your choice of fonts need to suit the application. Many shop signs have been ruined, by poorly designed logos, where no thought to passing trade has been considered. Your shop sign needs to grab attention from people either driving or walking past, so easy to read letters that are big, bold and clear.

Remember: People won’t take time out of their busy day to try and work out what your handwritten script actually says.


Think about the colours on your shop sign. What will they look like in bright sunlight, or at dusk. What will work best to make your shop sign stand out. You could even consider the shop signs around you, as they can have a big influence on how you are seen.

Think about a red advert in a newspaper is not easy to see, when surrounded by other red adverts – that can apply to your shop sign. Choose colours that contrast, but, depending on your customers, you may want to also think and review different versions of colour blindness that are out there.


The design of your sign brings together your branding, the fonts, the colours in a creative and expressive way, bringing life to your logo, sign and shop. Don’t go changing things because you can, stick to your branding, or update your branding so it works across all platforms.

Remember the launch of a new shop or a re-launch can be a great way to update your look and feel and reveal it to your market.


Mark LeesonSo you have a great design for a shop sign, now you need to think about the best way to bring it alive. Is your brand high end or mass market? What materials would appeal to your target market. We want it to look good, but not turn-off your customers as they see you too cheap or too expensive.

What are shop signs made from? There are many choices of materials including acrylic, vinyl, aluminium and more! So pop in for a chat and see examples of what will suit you best.


The first thing you need to think about when thinking of your shop signs lighting – do I need it? Will you be open late or in the winter? Would lighting make add value to the sign and make it easier to see?

Ever wondered how to light a shop sign? There is a wide variety of illuminated signs for businesses. From light box signs, to even spotlights and floor lights. We can have a chat and discuss what type of shop signage lighting would be best for your sign design and needs.


The final thing to consider is the space and size you have for a shop sign, and what ways you can make the most of that space. Signs can go above shop windows, can be lettering on brick, or can hang out from the wall to attract passers by. Think about how to utilise the space you have available to attract the most attention.

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How else can you show off your brand?

You’ve followed out tips and advice and after planning and designing, you’ve got sign up out front. How about inside? Is the inside of your shop just as eye catching as your sign?  Carry your brand all throughout with a wide variety of internal signage. From wall graphics to floor stickers. Make your space YOURS.

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