Bespoke corporate wallpaper for office, showroom, or shop

If your looking to make your office, shop or showroom, just that like but special, then take a look at our new digital wallpaper offering available now. Digitally printed corporate wallpaper made to measure and installed to fill 1 or more walls.

A great permanent long lasting idea to make your office, shop or showroom standard out in your local area and start a talking point with staff and visitors.

Memorable for visitors

Imagine seeing a whole wall covered from floor to ceiling in your brand and company. Images relating to your business, rather than a generic covering or colour. This can include pictures of products, staff or locations or history, and can be a real talking point for visitors. Showcase the best things about your business and make the selling easier and more memorable

Inspiring for staff

In the office, the walls don’t have to be drab affairs. Make this year a new start and bright up the place with floor to ceiling digitally printed wallpaper for your office, that gets staff excited and motivated.

Get them involved with ideas and see what you can come up with. From famous quotes to locations or best selling products, the wall is a blank canvas and we can help you bring it alive.

Tell your story

Use it to tell your story. Pictures of the past of whether the business started from and founding fathers can be a great story to tell. Intertwined with your current mission statement or values and you could have a wall that sums up your company to a tee.

And don’t worry about the graphics we can help you with that. Just supply us with your ideas, pictures and quotes and we can put something together that is unique to your business.

Build your brand

It’s not just about where you have been, but also about where the business is going. It can be inspirational as well as historical. Images to inspire, lifestyle, values or just simple goals can all be featured. Allow it to communicate to your staff the journey the company is going on every day and let them feel part of the journey.

Attract the right people

A dynamic wall covered in digital wallpaper can quickly communicate what sort of place your company is to work. It stands out from all the other places of work a prospective candidate could choose and can really make your business the number 1 choice for recruiting.

As with the ideas above, tell your story, create conversations and let the artwork do the talking.

Your wall, your wallpaper

We can help you put the artwork together, or we can take files from your marketing department or design agency. We have the equipment and technology to turn your ideas into creative wall filling graphics that turn a plain wall into attention seeking, talking point.

And don’t worry about having to put wallpaper up. We do it all for you. We’ll come on site and install it professionally to your complete satisfaction.

The specifications

Textured bespoke digital wallpaperThe paper is 150micron textured PVC so it strong warring and resistant to tears. It’s for indoor use only mind you, so not suitable for anywhere that is open to the weather.

Stand out from your competitors

So if you’re looking to revamp your offices, upgrade your showroom or make a statement in your reception, our digital wallpaper, could just be the thing you’re looking for.

And to prove how good we think it is, we’ve even put it in our own offices! If you’d like to know more call us on 01623 659444 or drop us an email on our contact form.