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ETS Signage for 12 branches across the UK

At Judson Signs, we’re proud to work with a whole host of businesses to deliver them premium quality signage services. One of our recent projects was to work alongside ETS Tyres, a local tyre specialist with established branches in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Staffordshire.

ETS Tyres’ aim for this project was to highlight their new working partnership with Castrol. New signs were required across twelve branches with artwork designed by Castrol.

ETS building signage

How did Judson Signs help?

Initially on the earlier original branches, the project would have involved removing the existing old signs & replacing with new, but as ETS have evolved over the years, whenever they expand into a new location, we are tasked with the full site survey, manufacture, design & to install the whole project to ensure it all corresponds with the previous sites.

Once ETS have identified a suitable new location, we will get a call to meet on site & discuss possibilities, layouts, directions, entrances etc. giving thought to how it can all be branded on each elevation to best advantage.

Photographs & images are then provided to the ETS marketing team to give an indication of the proposed look. Changes & additions are often suggested & implemented along the way to achieve the desired result, & keep things in line with previous branches.

Industrial Signage
Vehicle signage

What were the challenges?

Each site & building will offer up different challenges, different sized units, space available, different coloured cladding, different types of cladding, visibility from roadside, all of which need to be overcome but also for everything to still remain on brand.

What was the outcome of the project?

Usually most of these obstacles can be overcome, & we are always pleased with the outcome of the ETS sites, taking them from a bare industrial unit, to a finished, fully branded trade counter. they are always nicely balanced, well sized & very aesthetically pleasing.

We are really proud of association with ETS, they are lovely people to deal with & always appreciate any help or advice we offer along the way.

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