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We work with a huge range of businesses to meet their signage needs, including renowned ski trip supplier Interski. With a range of business activities, including skiwear rental, training, and supporting school ski trips, they have plenty to show off when it comes to promotion and it’s this aspect that Judson Signs helps guarantee they have an impact with.

We’ve worked with Interski over several years, establishing a great working relationship and covering a variety of different projects. Their latest campaign was their most ambitious and complex yet.

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What was the project?

Preparing for the 2016/17 ski season, Interski wanted to up their advertising efforts. They opted to do this by using vehicle graphics for their fleet in the beautiful ski resort of Valle d’Aosta, Italy. With their holiday reps driving 12 cars that had been covered in stunning images and information, they aimed to deliver a promotional boost.

How did Judson Signs help?

We worked with Interski to turn their vision into a reality. Using striking artwork provided by the client, we printed, laminated, and applied cast vinyl prints and text in our Nottinghamshire based workshop. To guarantee long-lasting results that will look great throughout the whole of the Italian winter season, each print was heated and kept in position to stop them from popping out the mouldings, resulting in a design that seamlessly blended with the shape of the vehicle.

Previous layouts for Interski have focussed on text but this year they opted for an image based design to really highlight their business. It meant that we were responsible for ensuring that the beautiful graphics were accurately presented to capture the essence of their operations and customer service.

Vehicle Graphics
Interski vehicle signage

What were the challenges?

There were two key challenges when working on this project.

Firstly, Interski needed to retain the use of their fleet throughout the process, still giving their employees the convenience of a vehicle. To combat this, we created a schedule that worked for them. Each car was with us for less than two days, with the vehicles being rotated over an eight-week period. Our flexibility and timings meant that Interski didn’t need to compromise on their level of service throughout the project.

The second challenge stemmed from the graphics. Being visually eye-catching was vital for this project and as a result ensuring quality was of the utmost importance. As the images wrapped around the side of the vehicles, parts of the graphic were lost but our team worked to match them up as close as possible, ensuring a polished finish for each unique design. What was the outcome of the project?

The overall project proved just how impressive and visually appealing vehicle advertising can be. The impact that the Interski fleet delivered ensured that they would capture interest as they are being driven around by the firm’s representatives, all at a cost that’s lower than other forms of advertising.

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