Covid-19 signage and floor decals for the workplace (internal & external)

Since the start of the outbreak, here at Judson Signs, we have been still working with our clients, with a limited capacity, helping them to stay safe.

It is from this work with them we have extended our range of signage to include innovative workplace signage, specially designed to meet current government guidelines.

All our coronavirus signage for business is designed and produced here at our workshop. So you can rest assured you are buying local and supporting the local economy.

Many of our customers are now returning to work or definitely looking at how to return to work safely. Our cover-19 signage solutions have been put together to make it easier for them and you, to quickly get back to safe working.

We have a range of solutions form indoor or outdoor social distancing signs, through to floor graphics for carpet or concrete that can be personalised with your exact message, depending on where you are using them and under what context.

Below are a couple of layouts we have done for entry to our own premises to warn of the changes. Again, all wording can be adapted to suit any site & situation.

What we can provide

  • Workplace cover-19 signage, both indoor and outdoor
  • Socially distancing signage and posters
  • Covid-19 floor decals and stickers
  • A bespoke service unique to your premises.

Get started

We are happy to accept orders from the images below, but we can adjust them to suit your needs and circumstances. We are also happy to do site visits to advise on any problematic areas. Just let us know in your enquiry or give us a call on 01623 659 444 or by email on

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