How can vehicle graphics boost your business?

Vehicle signage can be a simple and effective way of combating some of the hardest marketing problems that local businesses face. For one thing, getting noticed is tricky. You provide a valuable service, and you know that there are people who need what you provide, but how do they know that it’s you who can help them?

So, you need to advertise. But that draws up a whole new issue. Advertising is expensive. It can cost hundreds of pounds to have an advert in the local paper for just a week and a promotional slot in directories can cost thousands.

What you’re looking for is an advert that passes through town centres, parks on busy roads and gets seen by countless people every day, an advert you don’t have to continuously pump money into. Something that turns getting stuck in traffic into the perfect opportunity to tell Philip that you could help with his burst pipe.

If somebody has seen your business name or logo out and about, the next time they’re looking through a long list of businesses in order to find something, you could be the name to really stand out.

Your graphics have to be of the highest quality in order to really make your mark. Vinyl wrapping is currently one of the best materials we use because it is fade resistant and lasts for ages.

But what else should you think about when advertising on your vehicle?

When it comes to text, be bold and simple. Make sure that people passing on the other side of the street can read it. This is particularly important for your company name and details as they have to be readable when moving as well as still.

Include key information. Identify what service you provide and how people can get in touch with you.

You should also think about your business as a brand. Make sure everything is consistent with your company image: the logos, fonts, pictures, etc. If they don’t match your print and online content, your business may come across as unprofessional. Consistency is vital for making your brand recognisable.

Local businesses are under a lot of pressure in the current financial environment and we understand that advertising can sometimes get forgotten but, if you take this advice on board, you will soon be building brand awareness wherever you go.

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