How much will it cost to sign write a van?

You’ve probably seen them out and about or while waiting in traffic on the motorway – company vans with their name, logo, and basic contact details printed on the side (or all sides!).

This is what is known as signwriting, and it’s something that more and more businesses – not just big corporations but smaller companies too – are getting involved with.

Here are two top reasons why sign writing your van may be a good idea:
  • The number one reason to invest in sign writing is that it’s cost effective marketing. Sign writing and vehicle signage is a cheaper way to advertise your brand to larger audiences who will glimpse it whenever you go out and about.
  • It can also help build a positive opinion about your brand. A study has shown that consumers think businesses are more successful and established if they have branded vehicles.

To wrap or not to wrap?

Another way to customise your company’s fleet is by wrapping. This is where large sheets of vinyl are used to cover a vehicle. They can cover the whole or just part of a van, including the windows, and can be done in a variety of amazing designs. They can last a long time, with solid colour wraps lasting for up to ten years!

If you’ve decided wrapping is the way to go, there’s another decision you then need to make – what kind of vinyl wrap is best for you? When it comes to wrapping, there are four different types of vinyl: standard, metallic, fluorescent, and reflective.

Metallic, fluorescent, and reflective vinyl will help you van to stand out even more but have the downside of lasting less years than standard. Reflective vinyl also has another significant drawback – it is only for single panels, as it’s unable to wrap around the curves of your van.

So how much will it cost to sign write a van?

The price of van signwriting will vary, depending on a few things.


Price will vary dependent on complexity of the artwork that you want, and how much of the van is going to be covered with it. It will depend on the blends in the logo or design and the type of print used. If you’re looking for something elaborate, expect your cost to inflate accordingly!


Any size van can be successfully sign written or wrapped, but the price will depend on how big your vans are. Larger vans will, naturally, cost more to signwrite than smaller ones. So take this into consideration when deciding if signwriting is good option for your company.


The type of vinyl you go for will also affect the price of wrapping the van. Metallic and fluorescent vinyls cost a lot more than your standard vinyl, as do reflective vinyls. Here at Judson’s we use only the best quality vinyl for all of our vehicle wrapping, so take this into account when you’re planning your outgoing costs.

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