Making a Statement With Your Entrance Signage

An entrance way is the first thing clients, customers and staff will see when entering your building so it’s important it makes exactly the right statements about your business. Entrance signage is the perfect way to stand out but, while it’s important to be eye-catching, it should also reflect the rest of your businesses branding.

The following considerations should all play a vital role in the design and creation process…


The way your signage is made will reflect on your business and will heavily impact the statement you are trying to make. A simple printed vinyl sign looks cheap and unprofessional whereas a traditional pole and board sign imparts a classical look. An all in one sign looks more modern – a non-negotiable image thing for businesses in sectors such as technology.


Choosing whether or not to have a sign that lights up may well be determined by the nature of your business. A tailor for example would likely not need lighting, but a bar, restaurant or garage would. If your entrance sign is to go within a building such as an office block, an entrance sign with lighting will be more of a style decision but is an easy way to stand out in uniform corridor or hallway.


Bright colours tend to make the business stand out if this isn’t in keeping with your brand, vibrant splashes of hot red won’t be possible. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t just use a colour because it is eye-catching it should also reflect what your business does and what its core identity is. If your colour palette is more muted, a contemporary shape, careful choice of material and impactful design can all help to lift softer shades.


Logos and fonts are key to entrance signage. Logos are eye catching and draw the attention of passers-by but if your logo doesn’t say anything about who you are, it is best to tie the logo into your brand name with an appropriate font. Depending on the size of your sign, you may also want to pair your logo with a website address and add in icons for the popular social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. An email icon with your email address could also be considered, along with a contact telephone number.