Signage for 12 branches across the UK for ETS Tyres

At Judson Signs, we’re proud to work with a whole host of businesses to deliver them premium quality signage services. One of our recent projects was to work alongside ETS Tyres, a local tyre specialist with established branches in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Staffordshire.

What was the project?

ETS Tyres’ aim for this project was to highlight their new working partnership with Castrol. New signs were required across twelve branches with artwork designed by Castrol.

Business signage fro ETS Tyres burton on Trent

How did Judson Signs help?

This was a project of two halves. The first part involved removing the existing signs around all twelve of the company’s local branches. The second part was to then replace these signs with all new panels and prints complete with Castrol artwork.

To do this we surveyed each of the signs that needed to be replaced in order to assess the exact sizes required and how much this would cost. Initial surveys began in July. We then provided the necessary panel sizes to Castrol, so artwork could be created for each sign individually. Once the artworks were complete, we manufactured, printed, and fixed the signs at each ETS Tyres’ branch. This work was carried out with close assistance from each ETS depot manager, to ensure minimum disruption to customers. All the signs were fitted by the end of September.

ETS Castrol-Upperdale Road (5)

What were the challenges?

The amount of locations we needed to work across was the largest challenge during this project. There were twelve different sites in total, so in order to keep things running smoothly, each depot site needed to be treated as a separate project. This helped to ensure each premise got the right size panel and signs.

ETS Castrol-Melton Mowbray (1)

What was the outcome of the project?

We are extremely proud of the outcome of this particular project. We took the time to measure each sign individually, and this ensured that the new signs fit perfectly in their new homes. The project was carried out with minimal disruption to both our customers and ETS Tyres customers, and this level of efficiency and service is something we always strive for. Both ourselves and ETS Tyres are proud of a job well done, and we hope our partnership will continue into other projects too.

If your business signs need a change, we offer a range of signage services across the UK. Our expertise ranges from architectural signage to vehicle wrapping.

ETS Castrol-Coxmoor Road (7)

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