What makes a great way finder signage system?

If your company has a large site, way finder signage systems are a great way to help visitors find their way around your office or warehouse. It can also reduce the time that staff spend giving directions to those who are visiting!

Here is our advice on what makes a great directional signage system in any building:

Clear lettering

First things first, your way finder signage system needs to be readable. Your text should stand out against the background, and be a size and font that is legible – even from a distance. There is simply no use having a signage system if your visitors can’t read it clearly!

Minimal information

Way finder signage systems are not meant to overload the reader with information. Include only what is necessary, which, in most cases, is just the name of the department or room and an arrow pointing in the correct direction to guide visitors the right way.

Use icons

The human brain is more likely to retain information that is delivered through visuals rather than writing. So, where applicable, you can also try using icons in your way finding signage system to boost the chances that your visitors will remember and retain the information from the sign.

Bold block colours

Strong colours can help visitors identify the way finder signs easily, it can also help to brighten up your spaces! However, it is incredibly important that you don’t go too overboard in this area. Just choose two or three key colours and use these throughout your premises. You could perhaps colour code the signs dependent on department, a great way to make your way finder signage system even clearer.

Consistent design

Make sure your signage system is consistent. It’s important to be consistent in typography, any icons you use, colour as outlined above, and material choice. This will make sure that visitors can identify the way finder signs wherever they are in the building. A different design on every wall is unlikely to help anyone, and may just confuse your visitors!

Are there different types of wayfinding signage?

There’s multiple different types of wayfinding signage including identifying signs, directional signs, informational signs and regulatory signs.

  • Identifying signage is a type of signage that identifies a room, building or place that people could potentially look for. If you have your name on your office door, that’s a type of identification sign.
  • Directional signage usually points to the destination people are looking for, this can include vinyl arrows or lines on the floor taking visitors to where they need to be.
  • The purpose of informational signage is to ensure the person viewing it gets the information they need while navigating around the building. This can include bathroom signs, opening hours and lifts.
  • Regulatory signage is not only wayfinding signage but it is also a form of safety signage. This signage can include no smoking signs, no entry signs and even fire exit signs.

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